Why intern at 365?

365 Holdings does not take internship opportunities lightly, in fact we treat the onboarding process with the same care and time that we do any Full-Time employment hire. We don’t believe in Interns getting “lost” in the mix, instead we pair each intern with a Full-Time employee not only for accountability and training, but mentorship and a centralized place to stay plugged in.

Over the three years that we have held an internship program we have a 72% rate of hiring for Full-Time employment post-graduation. This is only achievable because we hire the top student candidates that fit from a culture perspective, desire to work in a high-growth, fast-paced environment and wish to jump-start their careers by challenging themselves. If you are picturing yourself - keep reaching - and then apply!

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The engine that makes every great company go is People. We have a passion for them. For building relationships, driving personal and professional growth and getting the most both for and out of our team. Communication and Culture are the leading factors that drive success here.

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Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries around, as more companies shift to selling direct online. Opportunities for growth will be a staple for decades to come as new technology, brings new opportunities and future generations of consumers elect to continue their evolution away from brick and mortar retailers. 365 is uniquely positioned to take full-advantage of this opportunity through continuing to build brand across markets that wish to be part of their broader community.

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Mid-market company culture with all the opportunities that you would expect from a larger corporation. Innovation, Efficiency and Communication are daily drivers to the success of our teams work in Supply Chain, Product Development, Project Management and so much more. Growth opportunities as well as Career Advancement not only come from organic Brand growth, but with each Acquisition our team makes.