365 TEAM

Why work at 365?

At 365 we work hard and play hard. If you are going to spend 40+ hours a week working it should be with people you enjoy being around while doing work you enjoy.

Work at 365 is not like work at most other companies - we have our own unique culture. We live by our four core values and regularly give back to our local community through our 365 Outreach Program.

365 Founders


Think Details, Constantly varied Details. Implementing process improvements, integrating acquisitions and managing the growth of our team take the majority of Justin's focus. His passion lies in guiding each team member to level up on their own, resulting in the success from the ground up. Each day begins at a local CrossFit box, but the majority of his time away from our Akron office is spent with his wife and four children.


Think Big Picture, but not Head in the Clouds. The ideas behind 365's growth primarily start with Kelcey. His background in M&A has created an environment of rapid growth through acquisition, while his desire to ride the cutting-edge of Digital Marketing drives each brand to new heights. While not investing his time in business development, Kelcey challenges himself through CrossFit, Rucking, Marathon Training and other endurance hobbies, but enjoys most the time spent with his wife and two sons.

365 Team Leaders


A decade of corporate retail sales and management was enough education for a lifetime. This allowed Jerrica to transition perfectly into running our company’s logistical processes. It also brought the desire to maintain our company culture above all else, in an effort to avoid that “burnout and turnover” she witnessed in the retail space. Jerrica manages Operations at 365, ensuring the Customer Experience is always exceeding standards. During the warmer months, Jerrica spends as much time as possible at a nearby Lake with her wife and daughter.


Acquisitions naturally bring about constantly evolving Infrastructure. Growth requires impeccable Systems and Data and Joe carries with him more than a decade of experience in DataBase & Project Management. His desire to not only know, but understand the outcome of a Project before it begins, which propels our team towards the finish line faster than most. Albeit Joe is an avid outdoorsman, he does spend the majority of his downtime at home with his wife and three children.


Marketing comes in many forms: advertisements, written word, digital content and more. Ryan has made a career of honing his skills at all of the aforementioned before making a home at 365. Ryan leads our Marketing teams, Strategizes our Sales and Content planning, all while maintaining a focus on growing our brands market presence and balancing the Revenue Goals of the current quarter. Once an avid golfer outside of the office, his focus has shifted towards being a family man with the birth of his first child.