Why Work
For 365?

We are an entrepreneurially led business whose purpose is winning in Ecommerce.

we live and breathe our
four core values!

You Will ❤️ it Here if You:

  1. Believe that “Winners Keep Score”
  2. Have a passion for “Relentless Execution”
  3. Live with a People first mindset of
    “Team and Culture First” 
  4. Share our world view of “EQ over IQ” 

Our Company runs on eos purely

That means as a member of this team, you will have a leader who:

  1. Gives clear directions
  2. Makes sure you have the necessary tools
  3. Acts with the greater good in mind
  4. Delegates appropriately
  5. Takes time to truly understand your role and how you can help the company
  6. Makes their expectations clear
  7. Communicates well
  8. Has effective meetings
  9. Meets one-on-one with you quarterly or more, if needed
  10. Rewards and recognizes your performance

if this sounds like the kind of
company you could fit in well at,
we'd love to hear from you!